Annual Conference Series title: Frontiers in Synthetic Quantum Systems
2019 Focus: Quantum Simulations in Optical Lattices and Beyond

Program Coordinators: You-Jin Deng, Xiaopeng Li, Xiong-Jun Liu
Advisory Board: W. Vincent Liu, Peter Zoller

Assistant: Di “Lidia” Li, Zexin “Elaine” Hu

Dates: Dec 13-16, 2019 



Tianping Hotel 185 Tianping Rd 200030 Shanghai, China                                                                                                                                        

TEL: +86 021 54569999

Conference Description:

Synthetic quantum systems are rapidly expanding the interest of many-body physics. Their advances open an avenue not only to quantum simulation for outstanding condensed matter and AMO problems but also to the exploration of spatiotemporal concepts and phenomena beyond standard parameter regimes.  A variety of such systems including atoms, photons, ions, and artificial qubits have been made under unprecedented control. This conference will focus on the new frontiers opened up by these developments, including artificial gauge fields with ultracold atoms, quantum simulations with trapped ions, non-equilibrium quantum dynamics, spacetime crystals, equilibrium and Floquet topological phases, and applications of classical/quantum machine learning. The conference aims to bring diverse communities sharing interest in synthetic quantum systems from AMO, condensed matter, and quantum information. This is expected to foster more collaborative works and to stimulate new ideas in advancing technological applications of synthetic quantum systems eventually towards scalable quantum computing architectures.

The 2019 conference focus is about recent developments in quantum simulations with cold atoms and beyond. The topics include programmable quantum simulators with Rydberg arrays and trapped ions, quantum scrambling dynamics, verification of quantum simulations. 

Student Award Arrangement:

During the conference, the program coordinators will select three participating students, who will receive a FIQ award (Frontier in Quantum) . The student will also be recommended to one of the speakers for a chance to work in their group for a year, upon mutual agreement. The selection will be made according to the invited speakers’ evaluation on the students’ research accomplishments. The goal of the student award arrangement is to help build a connection between top students in China and worldwide renown top scientists.

Speaker list:

Immanuel Bloch
(Max Planck Institute, Germany)
Xi Chen
(Shanghai University, China)
Yu-Ao Chen
(University of Science and Technology of China)
Soonwon Choi
(UC Berkeley, USA)
Cheng Chin
(University of Chicago, China)
Dong-Ling Deng
(Tsinghua University, China)
Luming Duan
(Tsinghua University, China)
Biao Huang
(Max Planck Institute, Germany)
Ahmet Keles
(George Mason University, USA)
Christian Kokail
(University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Kenji Ohmori
(NINS, Japan)
Schleier Smith
(Stanford University, USA)
Yu-Cheng Wang
(Peking University, China)
Haibin Wu
(East China Normal University)
Yanhong Xiao
(Fudan University, China)
Li You
(Tsinghua University, China)
Jinlong Yu
(University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Jing Zhang
(Shanxi University, China)
Erhai Zhao
(George Mason University, USA)